Hello and Welcome to the home of Sussex Guitar Repair! We are based in Haywards Heath in mid Sussex, South East England, repair and carry out modifications on a variety of instruments and musical equipment. From re-stringing and setting up of guitars to amp modifications, we can undertake a wide variety of tasks to get your equipment in tip-top working condition, and working the way you want it to.

From a simple restring of a guitar, to remodelling the tone stack of a valve amp, or wood repairs and re-frets, we could be the place to get it sorted for you, why not give us a call?

Main Categories

Electric Guitar & BassAll Types - fret dress, diagnosisSetups, pickup change etc
Acoustic GuitarsAcoustic (wood) & Electro repairsSetup, re-frets & electronics
AmplificationValve & Solid StateSpeaker/valve upgrade, tone mods
Folk InstrumentsStringed - e.g. Mandolin/BanjoSetup, fit pickups etc.
KeyboardsPortable pianos and SynthsClean action contacts etc.

Check the links in the table or the navigation at the top of the page for some more detail, alternatively contact us using the links/details below.


We now ave just 3 simple things on the site for you currently (including our LoPro Patch Cable), but do check back soon for more - Products available here.